Two-Wheeled Thailand

Two-Wheeled Thailand
Two-Wheeled Thailand

Like most of Southeast Asia, Thailand is mostly a two-wheeled society.
The weather in Thailand is typically motorbike friendly.
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The manufacturers of these two-wheeled marvels tout their motorbikes as family vehicles. For the most part, they are just that. Seeing 2 or 3 or 4 and sometimes even 5 souls clinging to each other as they zip by is a usual thing. The status-quo (government and manufactures) allow the Thai people to purchase their motorbikes inexpensively and operate them cheaply too.
But what about the other costs?  Each and every hour in Thailand at least 2 people die upon their motorbikes; about 60 people a day lose their lives each and every day.  What is the cost of cheap transportation as compared to the loss of a child or a teenager?

Just a quick glance around confirms that helmets, gloves and protective shoes are not the least bit important, even after friends and loved ones have suffered and died from riding on a two wheeled motorbike.  Safety is typically a matter of luck and happen-chance.
Additionally, motorbikes typically don’t have the clean air anti-pollution devices that cars do. So the spew from the tailpipe is more polluted than most cars.
The noise pollution truly disturbs the peace and quiet.
People and society pay a huge price just for the benefit of getting from point A to point B.

Hey Hi-Tec manufacturers, how about introducing a safe, non-polluting vehicle with stability and comfort to carry the same payload plus a convenient way to carry a bag of groceries? And do this all for the same price of these internal combustion monsters.

The future is now. The technology is here. Will the corporations embrace safety, a clean quiet environment and a better mode of transportation? What are you waiting for?

Our families and friends deserve better.

Prachuab is a Fishing Village


Prachuab is a Fishing Village
Prachuab is a Fishing Village

One nice clear breezy morning
After cooking a breakfast frittata
and doing dishes
I noticed a very foul smell in the kitchen
But I could not identify its location exactly or its cause
It was beyond offensive, similar to a fecal smell
In the living room, again I caught a whiff of it there too
Could it be on my clothes?  Could it be me?
I went upstairs, discarded all of my clothes in a heap
Investigated the 2nd bedroom… only to have the same smell accost me

Me – not happy. I could not figure out why my house reeked so awfully

So… now it was time for my walk to one of my favorite coffee shops overlooking the bay for my 2nd cup of morning coffee

As I walked along the beach parapet
displayed was the usual catch of squid
hanging out to dry…

Ah! The same smell that was in my house!

Wind Shift!

Typically the post-fishing processing activity is carried out downwind from my abode,  but not today.

A temporary inconvenience for me solved easily by closing my windows for the duration of the morning.

As The Sun Sets Over Myanmar


Looking West at Sunset in The City of Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand
Looking West at Sunset in The City of Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand

The Sun dips into the mountains of Myanmar as it seems to continue it westward journey.

As the Sun sinks lower in the horizon, its rays beam between the earth and the cloud bases and thus puts on a spectacular show for Prachuab this time of year.

Looking West at Sunset in The City of Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand

Religious Architecture in Thailand


Religious Architecture in Thailand
Religious Architecture in Thailand

Religious architecture does indeed flourish in Thailand.


The Thai Buddhist Temples, Islamic Mosques,  the Hindu Shrines and Holy Sites are distributed far and wide throughout the Kingdom of Thailand giving the nation a feast for the eyes.

A Respectful Young Man

A Respectful Young Man
A Respectful Young Man

This youth is trying to do two things at the same time:

1)   Steer his 3-wheeled motorcycle


2)   Wai (a sign of respect to elders)

It isn’t often in these modern times that teenagers show outward signs of respect to the older generations.

I appreciate his display of respect and kindness to me and his great smile!

But dear kind soul, safety first, OK!

The Dusky Leaf Monkey



The Dusky Leaf Monkey
The Dusky Leaf Monkey



Also known as dusky langur, this monkey is quite docile and gentle especially compared to its cousin, the Crab Eating Macaque.

The Macaques inhabit the mountain to the North of the Bay of Prachuab, while the Langurs live on the Mountain to the south of the bay.

The new babies are born with a golden fur and after a few months the coat changes colors to match its parents.

Very cute critters these Dusky Leaf Monkeys.

A Little Red Boat

A Little Red Boat
A Little Red Boat

I wish I had a boat to paint

A boat to sail the sea

Because then I could sail the oceans blue

just to say hello to you.

Dedicated to you,  wherever you are…  🙂

Fun in the Provinces

Huai Yang Waterfall
Huai Yang Waterfall

Visiting a waterfall is great fun, especially in the heat of the afternoon.

On any given weekend, the Thai boys will be there jumping into the pools at the bottom of the waterfall to cool off.

This particular waterfall is one of the 5 levels at the Huai Yang Waterfall National Park, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand

The Picture of Happiness

อยุู่ใกล้ คลองวาฬ
อยุู่ใกล้ คลองวาฬ

One year ago, while riding as a passenger behind the driver of a motorcycle and making some photos on the move,

This lady and this girl filled my viewfinder and I snapped the photo.

It is one of my favorite photos from last year.

If anyone recognizes this lady, please let her see the photo.  I’d be happy to give her a photo suitable for framing if she likes it.  2 actually… one photo  for the little girl too!

The Keepers of the Mountain

Crab Eating Macaque
a  juvenile Crab Eating Macaque

Crab Eating Macaques are found in Prachuab KhiriKhan. To the adventuresome traveler willing to climb the 400 steps to the top of the mountain the Crab Eating Macaques will aggressively beg for food the entire duration of the excursion.

Is this learned behavior or is this the nature of these critters?

For sure they can be intimidating. Try to intimidate the Macaque and no matter what size they will intimidate right back.

But caught in their natural tranquility, these Macaques seem to be quite intelligent and contemplative.

IMG_5316c jal
an adult Crab Eating Macaque